Viimsi Artium

Architect Architecture - arhitektuuribüroo KAVAKAVA, Designers - Siiri Vallner and Indrek Peil
Client Koveti AS

The cultural and educational center Viimsi Artium is a unique place where culture, education, and technology harmoniously come together. This modern and interdisciplinary cultural center is known for its diverse program, encompassing performing arts, classical, jazz, pop, and rock music, art, film, science, and education. Various forms of art and international, national, and community dimensions blend here, creating a unique environment for both local residents and visitors.

One of the brightest innovations at Viimsi Artium is the lighting automation system prepared by the engineers at Halored OÜ. This system is a true breakthrough, designed with consideration of past experiences and lessons learned from similar projects. The Traxon e:cue SYMPHOLIGHT lighting automation controls thousands of lights and hundreds of DALI 2 input devices, ensuring optimal and user-friendly lighting throughout the center on every occasion.

As there is a lot of natural light in the center, the system subtly adjusts the lighting using Inventronics multi-sensors according to the natural light density. This intelligent solution not only ensures the right level of lighting at all times but also saves electrical energy, making the center more environmentally friendly. This is particularly important for students and teachers, as it creates the best conditions for learning and teaching.

The lighting automation system at Viimsi Artium is an example of how modern technological solutions can enhance the functionality of a cultural center while promoting sustainable usage. It symbolizes the center’s effort to connect art, education, and technology, providing visitors with unforgettable experiences while caring for the environment.

Building volume – 50 000 m3
Total area – 6742 m2
Number of rooms – 150

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