Kvaliteet, usaldus ja innovatsioon

Our mission is to simplify and improve your life with lighting technology.

About us

Full Service

We are offering full service for the clients from analytically going through the brief, and planning precisely each step of the process from design to finalizing the whole project with execution.

Architectural Thinking

For us, the lighting projects are part of the architectural project. We work closely with architects to provide the best possible project for our clients’ needs and expectations.

Analytical Approach

We are able to identify and define problems, extract key information of the project and develop workable solutions in order to create most electricity efficient and easy to use and maintain lighting solutions.

Innovative Solutions

We use innovative lighting solutions from top brands to ensure high quality and maximize project lifespan, always staying ahead of the curve.

Professional Support

As our field is highly technical solving the most demanding problems we are paying attention to give a support to the client and architects finding out the best lighting solutions with an after- maintenance the project is finalized.

Our team

Juhan Toomaspoeg Partner
Vahur Kivisikk Partner
Jussi Vartiainen Finland country manager
Tauri Mae Head of engineering
Sander Suharov Projektmanager
Harry-Rein Tammesalu Lighting engineer
Kalvin Juurik Head of lighting automation

See the world in a new light

Join us and let’s create a glowing space of the future together!

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