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The Lippulaiva town center, owned by Citycon OY, was opened in 2022 in the Suur-Espoonlahti area. The shopping center has rapidly become the hub for local services in a growing area, featuring almost 100 different shops, cafes, restaurants, as well as private and public services. Lippulaiva is renowned for its strong offering in food and daily shopping and hosts one of the largest concentrations of grocery stores in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

The success of Lippulaiva is attributed not only to its excellent product selection and services but also to its lighting solution, creating a pleasant and functional environment where shoppers can comfortably browse and spend time. Halored OÜ was tasked with realizing the vision of the shopping center and collaborating with architects and interior designers to ensure a perfect lighting environment through technical expertise and experience.

Halored’s work began with the stage of lighting calculations and fixture selection. Special attention was given to engineering challenges, particularly in creating a cost-effective lighting automation system. The entire design process was carried out in the BIM system, ensuring efficient collaboration and process smoothness.

As a result, Halored supplied and installed over 8000 DALI luminaires from renowned manufacturers such as 3F Filippi, Molto Luce, Targetti, iGuzzini, and Osram. Setting Lippulaiva apart from other centers are 150 special luminaires named Dome. These fixtures, with their oversized dimensions and OSRAM’s innovative dynamic lighting system with variable color temperature, contribute to the unique atmosphere of the building.

One of the major tasks was the installation and configuration of the Traxon e:cue SYMPHOLIGHT lighting control system. The system manages hundreds of sensors and thousands of lights operating on the DALI 2 protocol. The lighting automation adjusts the light output of the fixtures imperceptibly based on various parameters, including movement, presence, natural light intensity, time of day, and electricity cost. Additionally, it enables automatic notification to maintenance staff about faults, energy consumption analysis by lighting groups, and analysis of motion sensor data, thereby providing extensive opportunities to further optimize the operation of the center.

The lighting solution for Lippulaiva shopping center is an excellent example of how quality lighting influences the shopping experience and functionality, showcasing the expertise of Halored in achieving the perfect lighting for this center.

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