CoeLux is a high-tech company founded in 2009, with its headquarters located in the well-known technology park ComoNExT near Lake Como. Their mission is to develop innovative solutions for the lighting, architecture, and real estate industries, aiming to create the perception of an exceptionally wide space thanks to the true physical reproduction of optical atmospheric phenomena. 

CoeLux lighting systems reproduce the authentic impact of natural sunlight entering through an integrated ceiling opening, showcasing a realistic sun surrounded by a clear deep blue sky perceived at an infinite distance. CoeLux lighting systems recreate a virtual experience of the sun and sky, the impact of which in an environment is so powerful that it can radically change our perception of reality. This allows us to rediscover natural light in the real world in a completely new and surprising way. The result is achieved through extensive work carried out by a team of researchers in the fields of optical physics, modeling, chemistry, material science, architecture, and design. 

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