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Client Vecta Design OÜ

MUBA / Tallinn Music and Ballet School is for those who feel the calling of music, dance, and knowledge.

Vecta Design OÜ’s acoustic ceilings have a significant impact! Ceilings installed in the pool area and gym make the atmosphere more enjoyable.

Did you know that spaces with good acoustics and lighting extend beyond aesthetics? They play a crucial role in maintaining people’s health, promoting smooth communication, and enhancing overall well-being and productivity.

Halored provided expert assistance in lighting design, ensuring that the lighting complies with current standards.

Inventronics IP66 BackLED XL CP G5 3000 Kelvin LED modules and OTI DALI 160 power supplies were a perfect fit for this project, providing warm and inviting light that complements the soothing acoustics.

We are confident that combining cozy lighting and pleasant acoustics supports our students during training and recovery periods.

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