Alma Toominga – Sepise 7

Architect Architecture - Pluss Arhitektid
Client Light Vision OÜ

The 20,000m2 green building named after the first Estonian female professor and pharmacist, Alma Toming, is architecturally charmingly dynamic, spacious, and filled with intriguing space solutions that pay a deep tribute to engineering achievements and organically create a light-filled environment.

The distinctive contours of the facade are illuminated by over a thousand meters of Inventronics LINEARlight FLEX Diffuse Side LFD400S lights. Indoors, a pleasant atmosphere is fostered by four kilometers of Inventronics FLEX Shortpitch TF1000S LED strips.

Installed and configured by Halored, the Traxon e:cue SYMPHOLIGHT lighting control system oversees the collaboration of hundreds of sensors and thousands of lights operating on the DALI-2 protocol. The system continuously adjusts the light output of the fixtures imperceptibly in response to various parameters such as movement-presence, natural light, time of day, season, etc.

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